Entreprise Geohad is much more than just a professional reference in the construction/renovation industry. We are a passionate family business. For more than 30 years, our experience and expertise as a general contractor have guaranteed our customers that our turnkey projects always exceed expectations. Our reputation is based on reliability, trustworthy delivery deadlines and well-established budgets. We are proud to be renowned for the quality of our achievements, effectiveness and transparency. Our respectfulness for the industry, our customers and our partners, as well as our devotion and integrity guide each of our projects. Over time, we have built strong relationships with satisfied customers, who choose use over and over while spreading the good news to others.


Extension of a residential and/or commercial building Major renovation Renovation, alteration or remodeling of an existing building We closely work in collaboration with Créa-Nova team experts to offer you the most up-to-date designs, respect your budget and suit your needs. We carefully choose our suppliers for their top-of-the-line materials and available products. This will guarantee that you get durability, quality and impeccable results. Most of our suppliers are local, thus ensuring high standard quality products with the optimal warranties.


Extension | Restructuring | Reinvention of space | Major renovations | Residential and commercial


Whether your goal is to build a new construction, extend or renovate an existing structure, the turnkey solution project will ensure that your high stress undertaking becomes a peace of mind project. Our designer works closely with you and Créa-Nova to review all the steps: costs, future possible renovations, materials, quality control, ergonomic aspects and all the small details. This turnkey solution project is also the best way to save time and money in each of the numerous steps. The planification is made with 3DEnsuite (3D plans), and once your choices are clear and on budget, the project is driven from A to Z by our team up and until the finalization meets your needs and expectations. Leaving you with the pleasure of enjoying your new living space. If renovations mean stress and headaches causing you to postpone a desired need or dream, a turnkey project is the answer for you.


  • We are a renowned general contractor
  • We are responsible for both the engineering and construction
  • We delivery the final project
  • We take care of all communications between parties
  • We control the budget and timelines
  • We deliver peace-of-mind projects
  • We offer a single payment
  • We give a warranty for all the types of work executed
  • We offer multiple options
  • We reliably evaluate costs and delays
  • We establish precise and detailed cost estimates
  • We have extremely thorough logistics
  • We create minutious descriptions of the project
  • We ask that our designer and specialists give you personalized advice
  • We perform rigourous quality control
  • We structure and control costs throughout the project
  • We have a contractor general liability insurance protection
  • We deal with the construction municipal policies/licences



Here are some of our latest projects

This master bathroom was surely small. We were able to create a bigger space with even adding a wide window to the space.

It is something hard to make a decision weather to do a major renovation or partial.

This small house with it’s very small kitchen was starting to bother this grandmother.